Holter monitor (24/28 hour ECG)

The Holter monitor is a device that records the heart rhythm continuously for 24/28 hours.  Every heart beat is recorded over that time. This is useful for patients who are experiencing palpitations, that is a sensation of an irregular heart beat.

Three self-adhesive patches are attached to the skin on the chest, similar to the twelve used in a 12 lead ECG. These are then connected by wires to the monitor. This is worn by the subject at home for the next 24 and sometimes 48 hours. At the end of the test the monitor is returned and the heart rhythm processed at the heart centre.

The doctor who requested the test will then report the findings of the recording. Information can be gained about the heart rate, abnormal heart beats and the heart rhythm. It is important to complete a diary on the day of the recording, noting any noticeable rhythm disturbances or palpitations. This will allow the doctor to correlate symptoms with the ECG recording at that precise time.

Download Holter monitor (24/28 hour ECG) PDFHolter monitor - 24/28 hour ECG